JUDITH.P.FISCHER’s current work addresses the issues of ornamentation and functionality, modularity and wholeness, permanence and volatility. A broad range of materials are used, from steel and bronze to silicon, rubber, PVC, and flexible round ropes.

PATTERN is a multi-part series consisting of minimalistic steel structures with an ornamental character that can be arranged in many different ways in a room or on the wall.  The works on the topic of variation élastique display colorful arrangements of soft ropes in the room, knotted into cascades or wrapped into balls, creating a dialogue between order and chaos and between visual and tactile stimuli. The steel sculpture titled LOOP 3 is made up of three segments, each formed from seven modules set together in various configurations. Grouped together, the three autonomous sculptures result in a collection of chaotic spatial lines. Her finely structured pencil drawings, which arise alone as well as in combination with the sculptures, focus on the interplay of lines and spaces, at the intersection of abstraction and orientation by nature.
Judith. P. Fischer works and live in Vienna and Lower Austria.