Karl Vonmetz


Karl Vonmetz is a steel sculptor. After training as a goldsmith, he studied metal design at the Vienna University of Applied Arts. The materials he works with are stainless steel, as well as bronze and copper. His minutely elaborate forms could hardly be done with more precision (it is a matter of tenths and hundredths of millimeters), betraying the goldsmith in him. His pieces are ultimately always based upon geometric figures: squares, rectangles, cylinders, and the omnipresent circle, all forms that convey a multifaceted symbolic order. Let us think about the circle: nimbus, divinity, infinity, spirituality, and more. Of course, this is just one interpretation. The exhibited works are all made from stainless steel. Vormetz colors his work in chromic acid baths: the longer the material is immersed, the more intense the colour of the sculpture.

The artist has always been interested in the term infinity, and, in relation to it, mental space and the spheres of spirituality.

Hartwig Knack