Brigitte Trieb


An ongoing motif in Brigitte Trieb’s powerful oil paintings is women shown either traveling or within an interior space.

The women portrayed are from Trieb’s memories of situations, places, encounters, and landscapes. The fragments of these memories are put together to create new situations, with only a few paintings showing actual occurrences.

She paints what she is interested in.

At first glance, the viewer is met with a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The longer one observes the image, however, the more an uncertain tension creeps into the sense of idyll, the eyes of those portrayed stare into emptiness, they seem to be surrounded by a secretive loneliness, their posture, above all their hands, seems artificial.

The special feeling in Trieb’s paintings, the emotions that they invoke, can be attributed to the strong colors, apparent even if her newer works are veiled by a light film shrouding the otherwise strongly separated figures and objects.

Next to the women are objects, animals, or plants, all of them laden with a plethora of meanings from art history. The artist lets the viewer decide about the symbolism. Trieb doesn’t give any answers. However, her work shows flashes of irony, a special sort of humor that shows us that she doesn’t take everything seriously and is turning us into these women’s accomplices.

The exhibition also includes several of the artist’s sketches that played an important role in her work.