Maria Bussmann


Maria Bussmann is a philosophic artist. Her preferred medium is drawing.
While writing her PhD in Philosophy, she continued to devote herself to her artistic work. She combines philosophical thought with artistic expression.
Her drawings directly reflect key works of occidental philosophy.
Bussmann presents thought images and associative chains. Her drawings are a patient attempt to get to the bottom of the conditions of epistemological possibilities.
In addition to this, she creates minuscule sculptures from paper, found items, paint, and glue that depict golf courses, ski slopes, mountain landscapes, swimming pools, and much more.
But in spite of their three-dimensionality, a number of characteristics point toward the field of drawing.
Her drawings, some of them in watercolor, manage to stand their ground as independent works of art and do not enter into competition with the objects, they are definitely not drafts of works to be.
“To me, the process of drawing means picturing thoughts,” says the artist. “While they say that we think in images, thinking is also linked to language – and drawings are therefore linguistic images, too.”