October 20 – November 25, 2017


Veronika Veit | Sculpture and Objects
Leo Kandl | Photography


Veit/Kandl - Transforming


Artist Veronika Veit, from Munich, is visiting the Galerie Straihammer und Seidenschwann with a group of works from 2015 and a spatial installation. Viennese photographer Leo Kandl joins her, presenting a concise selection of his now classic convolute of clothing photos. The title of the show is “Trans-Forming”. Curator Margit Zuckriegl explains: “The inevitable and often unnoticed aspects of change, particularly today in these times of fakeness and reality constructs, are an interesting phenomenon. The undefined aspects of forms and the transparency of materiality reflect the current contingency debates occurring in sociology, economy, and politics in an artistic context.” “Trans-Forming” refers to a process of change that emerges from forms that have been recognized as fixed and stable since ancient times, and allows new liquid formal analogies to arise.

In her series “Turning”, Veronika Veit transforms the presence of human figures into an ensemble of abstract husks. Presence is turned into absence — manifested by the remnants of the eliminated person: Clothing, husks, sculptures, bags, and shoes collide with balls, tubes, pipes, and stands. The observer looks on in shock at these supposedly everyday items, the life and will to merge of the objects inciting irritation and interest. Head over heels, figurines tumble from a skirt into a neck ruffle, insect-eyed bald-headed replicas ask for their right to live: Are we the result of a test?

For Leo Kandl, it is out of the question that clothing exists for humans to play games with their identity. The articles of clothing he photographs take on the role of the wearer, mutating into objects with symbolic character and a sculptural quality. Kandl doesn’t show clothed bodies – but rather shells that have emancipated themselves into their own shape, assuming a unique physicality. There is room for interpretation and association within this “existential difference”. Philosopher Hans Blumenberg ties his phenomenology of things to the difference between perception and imagination: He named his 1980 publication To the Things and Back Again (translation 2002), attesting to art a sphere of non-representation of things. These also belong to the realm of the fantastic, the insecure, the mutated, and the changed. Veronika Veit and Leo Kandl work in these intermediate spaces, hot on the tracks of the unavoidable and unsuspected in the processes of changing things.



Vernissage: Thursday, 19 October 2017, 7 – 9 pm

Exhibition Duration:  20.10. – 25.11.2017

On the Exhobition: Margit Zuckriegl, Curator
Veronika Veit and Leo Kandl will be present.