Robert Bodnar


Artist Statement:

Robert Bodnar explores new technical and conceptual forms of photography and the relation of photographic images to our perception. Through the use of hi-tech industrial materials and methods, he expands what a photographic image can be and what it can show us. As a “digital intermediate“ he traces the transition of analog to digital and the transformation of digital to computational photography.



Photography and video are the preferred media of Robert Bodnar, who studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under Eva Schlegel, Matthias Herrmann, and Harun Farocki. Born in Prague, Bodnar’s interest in celestial mechanics has been growing for about four years now. His work is the result of an intense fascination with astronomical phenomena, physical and scientific theories, and the observation of current research activities in the field.
Bodnar’s art reflects the media, continually testing the limits of film and photography, striving to add new levels to the genre. Aware that sunlight is the primary source of photography, the thing that makes it possible, and fascinated by the overlapping of celestial bodies, he made a photo series documenting the moment of the solar eclipse of the Earth’s northern hemisphere in 2015.
In his new work, titled Himmelsgewölbe (Sky Domes), recording celestial phenomena is once again the focus. Bodnar has developed a polar coordinate system analogous to scientific astronomical processes and uses it to draw the paths of suns. It almost appears as if the artist is trying to transform the unimaginable energy of planetary motion and solar systems from their original chaotic state into precise artistic order.
Hartwig Knack