Krasimira Stikar


About Me and My Artwork

By Krasimira Stikar, 2016


My name is Krasimira Stikar.

KRASIMIRA comes from krasi – decorative, beautiful & mir – peaceful, world. 

Together this makes beautiful peace. This is my vision.

I am Bulgarian. My native tongue is Bulgarian. Another language that I speak with passion is that of the visual 

arts. In addition to my work as an artist, I also enjoy doing creative work with children. They are my heroes.

My values are creativity, connection to nature, peace, and targeted space for digital media. Our society of information is continually gaining speed, and sifting out what is imported from the overload is a talent that must be appreciated.

All the countless bits of information and the artistic stimulations of everyday life flow into my work.

To create my pieces of art, I often need lots of time to think and consider in peace and quiet. And like a child, I want to approach topics without judgment, without reservation.

Topics that drive me are:

Stasis and movement, image sequences of changes, the crossover of fine arts, animation, and design

Drawing and painting – from fundamentals to independent design

Freedom, rules, and limits (light and shadow, vanishing points, perspectives, the Golden Ratio, etc.)


Animation is characteristic of my work. Lines and shapes move about in my drawings and animations as if they were alive. And at other times, they are quiet and simply still. Often, I draw executed movements and changes of shape in an image composition. Other times, I choose a single image sequence and portray it statically.