Judith Saupper


Architectural sculptures, collages, photographs, and drawings are the media Judith Saupper uses to critically question and expose the urban development of our current environment with subtle irony. Nonetheless, her utopian houses and skyscrapers stretching far into the hinterlands are also a peek at a possible future for urban development — albeit neither a positive nor a sustainable one.

However, the subject is not always urbanism in general, the history of an individual is often also the focus of the artist. Without showing her protagonists, Saupper works with the interplay of appearance and fiction, and the diverse possibilities of reality, thus peering behind the curtain of what is public and known (cited from sorgfältige Zukunftsplanung, Silvie Aigner, 2011).

Saupper makes space and time, in other words the air and water of our existence, apparent at different velocities of transformation. This is seen on the one hand in the series titled Spotlights, in which crystals — repositories of the past — are brought into a floating connection with cosmic time horizons. And on the other hand there are the Time Lapse Star Paintings, in which the time of the stars acts as a contrasting foil to urban transformative processes, bringing reflections on time into the now. Judith Saupper’s viewpoint is from the future to the present as something that is already in the past, sometimes dystopic, but always with the hope that it will end up differently (cited from Geworden sein werden. Über die Zeitgefüge von Judith Saupper, Astrid Kury, 2017).