Magnus Pöhacker


His work centers on human bodies, subject to the passing of time, moving, changing, or stopping in the midst of a motion.

The exhibition Standpunkte reveals the narrative elements of sculpture. We find heads, torsos, and bodies laying down, sitting, standing, cowering, one-legged, proud,pushed down, and upright; we find round and edgy shapes, smooth and cracked, shapes made of concrete and metal. It is as if the artist has been on a long journey, near and far, and brought us sculpted photos to look at. Heads that turn out of their sockets and lift up over the earth; proud, calm heads. Figures that seem to hover in weightlessness, others that can barely rise, or not lift at all, and even others that seem to be stuck in their sockets, held fast by an unseen force.

Magnus Pöhacker is a quiet artist, but the titles of his works are communicative, such as Block-like Torso, Overextended Head, Small One-legged Person, Head Stalk, and more. Each sculpture has, depending on the lighting and the angle, an almost endless wealth of facets and appearances, telling us stories of emotions, friendships, passions, and the archaic rhythms of life and death that we are all subject to.