Adi Morawitz


“The starting point for this wooden group of sculptures was several found objects – 6 old twine spools – that I bought from an antiques dealer in Prague sometime between the years 2000 and 2003. This find sparked a strong desire within me, although the direction it would go was not yet fully clear.It wasn’t until the fall of 2011 that it became clear to me that I wanted to give these 6 spools more volume and weight, to improve their impact on the space around them, and that I started creating sculptures of them.” (Adi Morawitz)

The pillar motif has a long tradition that reaches from the prehistoric age all the way to contemporary art. These objects call up associations with the unwinding of a life span, the thread of life, with creation and decay, and with a phallus symbol as well.

No matter how you see it, in the end it is up to the observer to decide how to approach this group of sculptures.