Nina Annabelle Märkl


Aggregates and Conditions  


The line evokes spaces – a fold in a piece of paper makes a two-dimensional drawing into a three-dimensional spatial form. 

Nina Annabelle Märkl’s projects happen at the interface of drawing, installation, and sculpture.

They dissolve genre boundaries in the same way that figure and object dissolve into a symbolic abbreviation, a technical fragment into organic bodies, recognition into non-recognition, representation into abstraction, proximity into distance.

In their porosity, they create a space that oscillates between different levels of reality at the moment of transition.

It is important to observe the simultaneity of things and their appearance(s), as well as the moment of distraction that is connected to our perception in a digital age, using analogue means. 

By making pictorial elements recognizable, the objectivity of representation forms a contact point for perception.

It creates a sense of familiarity that is associated with the recognizability of an object or a fragment. At the same time, it initiates a diversionary maneuver that removes certainty from what is seen, and almost imperceptibly releases the visible by taking the ground out from under it.

In her scenarios, Märkl designs fragile constellations of the existing that question habits of seeing and perceiving, while unfolding different perspectives at the same time, as if looking through a kaleidoscope. Reflections reproduce spatial forms that are real and others suggested by the drawing, taking viewers and engaging them in a dialogical interplay with the possibilities of the space.


(Nina Annabelle Märkl)