Albrecht Zauner 



Albrecht Zauner


Humans are a central theme in the oeuvre of Albrecht Zauner, who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under Joannis Avramidis. The interactions of body and space, proportions, and formal experimentation are often at the forefront. His materials of preference are stone and bronze. In this exhibition, plaster, steel, and straw also play important roles. 

In his newest works, Zauner examines the language of bodies and the vibrations, the resonances, they incur. The artist attempts to capture the movement and lightness of a moment in massive stone. 

At the center of his exhibition is a real scene he observed at the ocean, sculpturally reenacted indoors by Maria and Natalie

These two figures of plaster, steel, and straw are related to the sun and ocean, to each other, to themselves, and to the people around them. This consequently gives exhibition visitors an integral and dialogical meaning. “Observing, comparing, showing, hiding, and evaluating — consciously or unconsciously, bodies begin to resonate and stories are created. The more realistic the portrayal, the more directly the resonation process emerges,” says the artist. For “resonance” also means the reactions and acceptance or rejection by the audience. 

A third figure, of South Tyrolean marble, lays on the ground, wholly concentrated upon itself. Zauner has named it a-f. This is for the sound emanated by the unworked stone, stored on a wooden pallet, when set into vibration: middle A.