Franz Xaver Ölzant

Throughout a continuous six decades of making art, Franz Xaver Ölzant (born 1934 in Styria, Austria) has consistently prioritized the aesthetic appearance of his pieces over his personal artistic signature. One characteristic that has emerged over the course of his long career as an artist is the fact that Ölzant has always worked with very different materials, for example bronze castings, plaster models, aluminum panels, and wire constructions.

Observing his sculptural oeuvre, one sees how the artist has evolved away from figural pieces, made during his time studying at the (former) Academy of Applied Arts, and towards amorphous and vegetative works.

A repeating theme that surfaces in Ölzant’s oeuvre is imperfection: Holes, bulges, knots, blemishes, and rips are characterizing features of many of his works. His sculptures, which can be classified as organic abstractions, have become more monumental over the years of his creative work, with his pieces also becoming edgier and more dynamic.